Using Google Webmaster Tools to Find Duplicate Meta Titles

To duplicate content on other sites, use Google Webmaster Tools. It will help you identify problems and provide various means to solve them. Customize meta tags (title and description) for each of the pages on your domain. If you do a quote from another website, provided a link inserted.And be original! A part of search engine penalties, creating genuine content will help you differentiate yourself from others, build your brand image and position yourself as an expert in your sector. If you thought this post useful, please share it on social media:-). And if you have something to add, use the comments!

How Duplicate Content Effects SEO According to An Atlanta SEO Consultant

seo strageyDuplication of content for plagiarism

It is true that since Google started its private battle against duplicate content, plagiarism has been drastically reduced. If  sooner or later you will suffer the consequences, and notice it, losing positions in the search results. However, there are still occasional clueless. There are several types of plagiarism:

Plagiarism in the face In Regards to SEO – Click Depot Atlanta

As mentioned earlier, when Google finds the same content in two different places, decide what the original source. In the process of discerning between the original and the copy, often the Google bot messes. It can happen, then something as surreal as the web where you have plagiarized is considered as the issuer of the original content, and yours, as the place has been copied face another created content.What a trick !, right? If it were the case, you have two options:

Kindly ask you who has plagiarized, to remove copying. If he refuses, you can negotiate with him and suggest that at least enter a link to the page where you published the content, so Google distinguishes the original copy. But this solution is not always effective.

Submit a formal request to Google to remove the plagiarized page of search results, rights under copyright.

It is best to try to resolve the conflict by peaceful means first, and if not, report it!


The Scraping is copying a web as is, with software tools created specifically for it. All your content could eventually published in another domain. Google Panda has proposed ending the Scraping. But this is still done, and it is important to detect quickly. If someone does Scraping with your content, inform Google could again be the solution.

unintentional plagiarism

There are very silly ways to post repeated content, which often incur many webmasters and bloggers. Have a blog, and trust publications decide one or more editors, and you slip plagiarized content. Or are you a blogger begins to be influential in certain niche, and I intend to publish a sponsored post, an infomercial or a press release. You agree willingly, and you take off some cash or a few dollars. But as you discover that several bloggers posted the exact same post sponsored. In all these cases, you have not committed plagiarism, but in your site there is copied or repeated content. Tools to detect content like Copyscape can get you out of trouble.

SEO Consultants Use Rel Canonical & Solving Duplicate Content Is

seo marketingWith the rel = canonical tag. Although many people are confused by this label, enter it is very easy. Simply embed this line of code:

/> Remember that you should always introduce Canonical tag on the web you do not want to use as “canonical”, and do not forget to enter between the <head> and </ head>

Login to Google Webmaster Tools, and in the “URL Parameters” section you will indicate which parameters should obviate the search.

Versions for mobile web Often, mobile websites are an exact replica of the desktop version. To avoid duplicate content can do several things:

Create a specific website, with different contents adapted to mobile devices.

Use a responsive design that suits the way your website is displayed depending on the characteristics of the device from which users access.

The above two points should be implemented before there is the problem of duplicate content. If this is not possible, it can be solved with the rel = canonical tag to indicate that the desktop version is good.

Page With paging is the same. Often, even the meta tag information does not change, except for the parameters that set the page number at the end of the URL. To solve this problem offers on the labels rel = next and rel = prev, that tell the search engines, all pages and content of title tags, description, etc., belong to the home page series. If you do not know how to enter this tag, the Google Webmaster Blog can serve as a guide. Protocol Secure HTTPS browsing a website using SSL can be a source of duplicate content according to Click Depot San Antonio. As you know, the URL is the same, except for an-s that appear at the end of http. Your content is obviously the same. To solve the problem, the rel = canonical tag can be of great help again. Migrating content When the contents of a web page to get migrated friendlier URLs, or move them from one place to another, for some time, the old version can coexist with the new. The solution ?, 301 redirects are added to the end of the htaccess document. Just go adding the following code for each page or directory you want to redirect: Redirect 301 / page-old it’s easy! Yes; do not forget to first save a copy of the clipboard htaccess. Any change could do real damage to your page.

Dynamic Content Effect on SEO

seo contentWorst search engine positioning: If Google chooses, may show less friendly to search engine page and therefore have to settle for a lower position in the SERP’s.

Dispersion of authority: if you have two versions of your website or any of its pages, you’re dividing the Link Juice of natural links you can get. If you know concepts such as Page Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority, and know it works, I’m not revealing any secrets. This results in a worse position SEO contributed by Click Depot

Penalties for plagiarism often a surreal situation occurs; someone plagiarizes content, and Google “decide” that his version is the original, and yours, a mere copy. You can drop a penalty, and that content could be relegated to the tail of searches.!, Incredible but true.

How duplicate content occurs and what can we do about it?

Good question! It’s time for truth. Here are the main reasons why duplicate content. Notes, or add this post to “bookmarks” in your browser, because this interestsdomain in two versions, with and without www Your website can appear in domino www or without www. If you can access both, you have doubled your site! And you know what that means … To solve the problem, you have two possibilities: 1 Give high in Google Webmaster Tools for free (if you have not already), and indicate the site of preference. 2.You can redirect from the server, but this option is “more complex”. Pages categories or labels Neglecting this issue is a widespread misconception. The CMS usually produce specific pages for each category or tag, that duplicate the content of the pages to which they belong. Parameters in the URL Parameters are symbols that are added to the end of the URL (variables), but do not change the page content, duplicating content. They can have several causes:

dynamic content

This usually happens with online stores, another potentially inexhaustible source of duplicate content, because of the large number of filters that are applied to locate products. Often, the CMS adds dynamic parameters. Imagine you have an online furniture store, and you have a table in various colors. With an almost identical description, you might find several URL

User Session

When users include the session ID, the duplicate pages may appear with the same content, where the only thing that changes is the session ID, which appears as a parameter to the end of the URL (sessionid = 1357, for example). The content duplication problems because the parameters can be solved in two ways:

Negative SEO Factor Duplicate Content

seo consultantDuplicate content is one factor that can most negatively impact Google rankings. Discover how to avoid a few simple steps.

In one of our previous posts we talked about factors that could potentially put us in the spotlight Panda 4.0. And how could it be otherwise, duplicate content was one of them, why publish this little guide for small business owners to know more about duplicate content and what seo companies do to address it such as Click Depot Atlanta

Avoiding Duplicate content Some still think that duplicate content is limited to a question of plagiarism, copyright violation, etc. But no.It’s much more complex than that! As a SEO consultant I have encountered websites made ​​with WordPress, to give an emblematic example, a domain also worked, a brand new theme payment a blog embedded on the web, quality content, social profiles and a higher charge rate to an F18. Not to mention the online store with thousands of hours of work invested and, nevertheless, hardly anyone knows. “Why do we fail to position in Google?” Often ask their owners, with some anxiety. And it turns out, with a quick analysis, obvious that the site in question oozing spurts duplicate content. “All work thrown away?” No! Has a solution. I love giving good news:-)

Throughout this post we will see in what situations may appear duplicate content and how can we avoid it every time. Here we go!

What is duplicate content?

It is simply repeated text that appears in more than one page, either within your own domain, or several different. In other words, if someone plagiarizes content of your website, you have a problem of duplicate content; but if you have texts which are accessible from different URLs on your own website, too! The fundamental issue here is that duplicate content without realizing one is very easy. In the above example I referred to websites made ​​with WordPress, a CMS that captivates many entrepreneurs because it seems to give us everything done. But beware! A WordPress in inexperienced hands can end up sabotaging a project. Precisely because duplicated content with ease. Why Google chases? We could go on much, but are basically two reasons:

If you search for the same contents are repeated, worse user experience.

First duplicate content, Google does not know what should be indexed.

Actually, (2) is caused by (1). As to provide a good user experience is preferable to avoid duplicate content searches, Google applies filters to select one of the versions of the aforementioned text. And since their tracking system is not perfect pages, indexing errors occur. How can it affect me negatively Well duplication of content. That’s obvious:-) Let’s see more in detail:

Loss of control over your indexed pages: Google decides which version of duplicate content should be indexed, and is very likely to choose the option that interests you least. Moreover, if the robot goes too many resources to “read” your pages with repeated content, you can ignore other pages that traces itself Worth.

Using Google Auto-Complete for SEO – Targeted SEO Research

seo companyIn business e-commerce, each title of each product can be a long tail itself; something similar happens with the titles of blog posts, as a good way to attract users may be entering these keywords in titles how to style.

Tools and tricks to find long tail keywords

There are many ways to find them. We’ll show some of the more mundane to the most sophisticated. “AutoComplete” from Google: is the function that will add text as typing into the search tab. These suggestions do not appear randomly, but based on searches made ​​by other users.

As you can see in the screenshot, Google anticipates our movements, showing words that could serve us in our search. In this case, the terms related to the location of the service you seek. “Related searches”, also from Google: For certain queries, queries appear at the bottom of the results page. related searches google tool

The interesting thing is that clicking on each of the related searches, you can access other results page, in the end, also appear new queries related with increasingly long results. “Planner keyword” Adwords: is the most used tool. Although not the best to find long tail. As you know, this is an application that Google makes available worldwide and free of charge, to develop advertising campaigns for Pay Per Click. But unless we are creating campaigns for our clients, we use SEO – Click Depot San Antonio for the nose, without creating ads;-) only for search volume terms and get alternatives that allow us to achieve good organic SEO positioning. As I say, it’s not the best tool, and it is advisable to compare their results with at least one other program. To use it you just have to sign up for Google Adwords. Once you’re done, get a page like the following will appear.

You see, in the “Tools” tab, you must select the “keywords Planner” option. You will be taken to another page where you can choose various functions. To begin, select from the menu on the left tab “for new ideas for keywords and ad groups.” You can customize the information filters to refine searches.

planner keywords keywords

In the picture you can see the suggestions tool sheds, with the average monthly searches. It also makes an assessment of competition (high, medium or low) for each term, but do not pay much attention, because it only refers to Adwords advertisers. The keywords Planner is a basic tool, and also use to obtain the traffic volume of the long tail to help you find other ways we have described. Soovle: is a tool which is accessed by simply visiting the page. No downloads or registrations. Soovle casts relevant keywords, both generic and long tail in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon, etc., from a search.Very easy to use!

Uber Suggest A Long Tail Keyword Tool

Now, as you’ve learned, you should go to planner Google keywords to analyze traffic in each case. Ubersuggest: similar to in usability. It is also free and online. You can see in the following screenshot how it works.

long tails with ubersuggest

Long-Tail Keyword Tool: another simple free tool. You can get long tail keywords from generic words. Again you will have to check the search volume to stay with that interest you and discard the rest. We could go on listing tools and tricks to discover long tails, but with what I’ve told you can now create a comprehensive list of terms that will bring you traffic, and good! Do you use other tools?For I tell us about it in the comments! And if you thought the article useful, how about a little feedback in social networks

Hummingbird Update for SEO And the Longtail Keyword

Long tail keywords are the natural evolution of SEO. Gradually they have conquered the online world, although there are still those who do not use them, or not done properly. The long tail SEO … Go! That sounded bad … blame is yours, that you are a bad thought! :-p I start again: The search engine optimization with long tail keywords (better) was created in response to the constant advances of semantic Google algorithm. Until recently, the SEO techniques were much more aggressive, and with respect to content, consisted  web pages with keywords so that search engines will not hesitate about the words for which it was desired to rank in Google and other seekers. Abuses of yesterday morning marked restrictions (that is, today). And many are and Google eventually consider these practices as spam. Keyword stuffing, to be precise. Furthermore, perseverance, Google has refined the search algorithm and adjusting to the ways that users have to consult information. Increasingly, Internet users employ sentences, long expressions to fine-tune search results. For that reason, knowing some tools to use long tail keywords correctly is so important. Do we deepen a little more? The keywords can be longer or shorter, more generic or specific. Here are some examples:

long tail keyword seo

LED TV deal
LED TV 50 inch sony on sale

On the first point, we have a generic term. In the second, we see a more specific phrase. And in the third case, we have a long tail keyword in the making. The long tail keywords are phrases that match very specific searches. You may be thinking that the more specific a keyword is, unless made ​​Internet searches to match them. It is true. But still, you want to use.
Benefits of using long tail keyword in your SEO strategy by Click Depot

Being positioned for generic keywords can bring you many benefits. The problem is that the more general keyword is, the harder it is to get good search engine rankings. Use longer phrases and expressions you will:

Save wasted effort trying to position yourself for generic keywords in grocery store competition niche.
Getting quality traffic, that is, users really interested in what you offer.That particular !, and nothing else.
Save the opportunity to position yourself well for specific keywords. Why? Very simple. Note that in the above example, LED TV sony 50 inch TV on sale includes LED and LED TV offer.

How to use long tail keywords

It is very easy. In the title, and title tags, description and h1 … h6, have more weight in the face of the search engines. But they can also be made ​​to the content. Moreover, as long sentences, you can enter multiple with a very natural result.Eye !, if you propose to be a spammer, you will get it! Try to introduce synonyms for generic keywords you include in the long tail. Enter keywords long tail is essential for all types of web pages, and offers many possibilities for online shops and blogs.

Ways to Build Links For SEO After the New Updates

seo lingbuildingIt was a good way to increase the amount of external links, but we must now be more  If you suddenly get a bunch of links pointing to your website, and all have a link back, you arise suspicion.

4) Do I leave everything in the hands of Karma?

Another very common way to get links is to link external blogs of the same niche, hoping to return the favor. As in the philosophy of Karma is based on the idea that doing good will seek a similar benefit. The problem here is that not everyone is as “cool” as we would like.

5) Little of emotional blackmail

It consists of a piece of him for someone without getting what you ordered. For example, indicate an error in your on page SEO or notify you of broken links. In this way, you try concerned that the webmaster feel indebted to you and will put a a backlink according to Click Depot Atlanta. There are totally immune to emotional blackmail people. Another drawback is that you’d have to with no guarantee of success.

6) sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts is another way to place links on influential blogs. The difference with the guest blogging is that, this time, there is an exchange free content in exchange for a link, but the publication of the post in question is paid.

7) Press Releases

The journals, online news portals, etc., also need content. The daily links to some reputable transferred much authority. The problem is that the media receive many press releases and get you published your own can be tricky. On the other hand, send the same press release to many media hoping that  to some is risky: you imagine the many published; have duplicate links to the same content and the same anchor text pointing to your website.

8) Link baiting

It’s about creating valuable content that generates controversy arising funny, etc., to get natural links. It is a good technique, but it has two problems:

It works in the medium to long term, which requires a lot of patience.

The anchor text is beyond your control, so that users can link you to different terms. This is not all bad in these times, as now should have a percentage of links that seem casual. It makes sense to combine link baiting with other ways to get external links that do allow you to have controlled anchor text.

How SEO Professionals Are Tackling the New Google Updates

On the Internet, if you do not link, you do not exist! There are many ways to get external links to your link building strategy; some of the most extravagant. But in the end, only some of them work.

seo professionalsIn SEO issues, things clear! Now SEO professionals say, with the latest algorithm updates, Google appreciates quality content. But this is false … As I tell you. Google’s algorithm does not value anything, because you do not understand. Not understand the information. But the processes. And Google’s artificial intelligence is not as “smart” as you would like Matt Cutts and company, because the tricks are searched to determine if the content of a website is good or not. Well, besides a lot of internal factors and the contents of the page, the feedback obtained in social networks, etc., one of his tricks to decide whether content is quality, it is to look at the authority of the web . And for that, what it does is count the number of links from other websites, pointing to the main domain and the specific page where the content is located. That’s why I keep laughing to myself (or loose laughter, as I caught) every time I hear that the link building has its days numbered. Because either the algorithm becomes smart enough to sit and chat with Click Depot Fort Lauderdale who provide  Click Depot, or link building you have left a long life ahead.

Come up with different ways to get external links. I will not talk about links in social networks or directories, but how to get links from influential sites.

1) Order links by the face

One of the most common ways of getting external links is throwing face the issue, and ask openly. Sometimes it works, but when the goal is to place a link to a blog or a website with a great reputation, great PR, and a good pair of PA and DA, please note that the webmaster will receive requests like yours almost daily.Luck!

2) Make guest blogging

Blogging as a guest also gave good results. Now that Google has sharpened his saber antispam, we must take more care. Should not get many links in a single post. One of the main problems that I see is that you have much content Curran, thus, the effort to win a single link is considerable. And if you do guest blogging to say the same thing, trying to get more links with minimal effort, in the end nobody will invite you to post on your blog.

Click Depot Atlanta – Top SEO Company in Atlanta, GA

seo toolsClick Depot Tampa is an online marketing agency located in Tampaformed by a group of young people dynamics which each specializes in different aspects of Internet marketing experience in highly competitive markets and they are a Click Depot Atlanta.


What is SEO?
We could define the Web positioning and optimization for search engines and the ability to be where you look for, ie maximum online visibility in different search engines using keywords related to the sector of the company you are working for just to get conversions or sales and / or customer loyalty.
SEO and Web Design
Web Positioning OnPage
These are all changes that are made within the own website, from the structure, code to metadata and microdata (information that is provided to the search engines to facilitate indexing and understand more easily that treats Web in question). Each search engine has different metrics and an algorithm that evaluates the quality of a site and its relevance for each keyword you want to position.
Aspects of On-page SEO:

Unique and quality content
Using Meta Tags
Proper use of H1, H2 and H3
Url‘s friendly
Using Strong attributes

clean code
Relevant content accessible to spiders
Unique and descriptive titles
Structure of internal links
optimal labeling
Sitemaps and Robots

Web Positioning OFFPAGE
All those factors different algorithms search engines are considered and not found within the web site. (In other words, links, links and more quality links) while we need to be constantly seovolución parrot and do not get lost in the progress of google.
Aspects of Off-page SEO:


Comments Blogs / Forums
Presence on social networks

Partners and companies search engine positioning
In SEO have a large number of partners and associates to encourage maximum positioning in Google, these synergies arise due to the need to train more specialized and different points of view for equipment, one of our partners is the company specializing in SEO, one of the most recognized companies with professional with over 4 years of experience with a broad focus on improving career and organic results and ROI.

These synergies enable us to develop strategies and approaches to larger customers to monetize their investment much more quickly made ​​organic positioning, search engine marketing, social media or email marketing.

Responsibilities of An SEO Consultant

seo factorsSEO Consultant
A SEO consultant must first meet with the client to fully understand how your business and that is what this really needs, once well understood, begins with the development of an SEO campaign strategy that suits customer needs with lasting results over time.

The most important thing to consider an SEO consultant – Click Depot San Antonio is to be clear about the objectives of the company, from here the consultant uses this to reinforce marketing strategies already used by the company and the subsequent actions that take place on specialist , so we can start actions adapted to the design, target audience and want to convey this message.

The specialist search engine optimization or SEO consultant I do, start analyzing everything already created by the company to make a list of keywords and the subsequent study of the same, their selection, study of competition and implementation of the marketing strategy adapted to the client.
SEO Consultant
How to do SEO?
Our goal as SEO consultants based  is to grow both customer visits and sales targets or by improving the rankings. The basic functions of a consultant are searching and tracking keywords, competitive analysis, traffic reports, rankings and conversions keywords, technical analysis and recommendations, content analysis and SEO copywriting.

Analysis and keyword research

Benchmarking and competitive analysis

Definition of Strategy: Analysis and objectives

Optimization of website architecture and content

Content Creation

WPO Web Performance Optimization

Linkbuilding: Socialization

Linkbuilding: Links

Advice and Reporting: Web Analytics


Tasks of an SEO consultant

Understand the business objectives

Site Usability Analysis

Keyword Research and Analysis

Report on progress

Competitive analysis of key words or phrases in the search engines

Analysis SEO content writing i

Analysis of information architecture and link structure

HTML Analysis

Improved code

Recommendations for improving essentials of pages of text, or elements for a successful Web positioning.

Recommendations to optimize source code including the URL, filenames, page titles, descriptions, javascript

Strategies internal, external links and recommendations.

Number of Errors That Can Interfere with SEO

seo companyFrequent and numerous errors that interfere with the correct SEO indexing according to and ranking and good website there.

1 detachable navigation menus. Search engines can not read this type of menus and follow their links. If you use this website you must also add a standard menu.

2 Misuse of Flash, Java or Javascript. The search engine spiders have many limitations such codes read, they can not read or follow the links contained therein. Flash Menus greatly harm the internal linkage of the website.

Full Flash Site 3 with little or no text. For a good text search engine positioning is always best. Again bots are almost blind to this format. If there is no choice, it is imperative to have an alternative text version, because it is also likely that many visitors do not even have installed on their computers to display the flash plugin.

4 Splash Page or empty entry page. The home page is the most important website you will get more inbound links and get more weight, so it is little practice place a home page with animations or graphics without real or useful content.

Site overburdened 5. images. If the page has heavy graphics and images, negatively affect load time, one of the factors affecting the positioning.

6 Use of frames or frames. The framed pages have many problems to be indexed by search engines. Google itself recommends not using them. Each URL must be unique and pages with frames is a part of the page is always fixed and constant for the whole web, making them harder to correct indexing. It is ultimately a completely obsolete in the web 2.0 model.

7 with dynamic URL parameters. Certain characters and symbols like question marks or exclamation, as well as URLs too long and excessive parameters or session IDs would make it hard to search engines, which always prefer clean URLs. There are some plugins for content management systems that allow rewriting the URLs to search engine friendly format.

8 The same title on every page of the site. A deadly and more frequent than might be imagined error. Each page should have a unique and towards a different title or keywords.

9 The site has no site map. The site map is an XML file that contains all the web URLs. Their existence on the server makes it easier to search engines.

All these issues must be resolved before designing the web.